Haunted Railroad Tracks
Rockford, Michigan
Rockford, Michigan - There is a stretch of railroad  located near 10 mile Rd. in Rockford that is
rumored to be haunted. It is said that if you are standing on the tracks at night, you may just encounter the
ghostly apparitions of two young girls, who are said to have been killed on these very tracks. They are now
doomed to forever walk the tracks near where they died. At night people have claimed that they have seen
shadowy figures, heard laughing , talking and singing. It is said that you can see them sitting at the exact
location where they lost their lives, and if you get close enough to them, they will get up and come toward
you. If you run, they will chase you.....
Thanks goes out to a fellow ghosthunter for the info on this haunting.
UPDATE  7/13/05
We ventured out to Rockford once again, This time, to This location. It must be
reported that we observed no paranormal activity here. Not a single thing. BUT, that
does not mean anything. It simply means, there was no paranormal activity occurring
that night, or durring the time we spent there. Note: We will be making a return trip
here again soon. Perhaps we might find something then.
Here are some of the photos taken there.