Hell's Bridge
Sunday,January 16th 2004
A boring Sunday afternoon, thought we'd take a ride out to Hell's bridge in Rockford Mi.
(Located at 12 mile Rd. and Friske Dr.) Someday soon we'll venture out here at around
midnight and see what we can find. We just wanted to scope out the area in daylight, and hey,
nothing better to do. So,we hopped in the "The Mystery Machine" and drove out there. We
didn't take any equipment with us but a digital camera. Here are a couple pics we took.
The Rogue River is overflowing at this time and
this is as close to the "Bridge" as we cared to
go.  Did not relish the thought of falling through
thin ice. or at the very least, getting wet feet.
An interesting tree just before the Bridge.
We felt  a cold chill around this tree. But, did I
forget to mention that it was 2 degrees below
zero out that day!!!
To get to the location, we had to wade though
endless piles of disembowelled deer carcases and
various deer parts.
(Ok, so there weren't that many bodies, 4 or 5
maybe. and we also came upon a deer leg frozen in
the middle of the path.
We neglected to notice the "Public Hunting Area"
sign on the road.
Bunny Heads, Bunny Heads, Roly Poly
Bunny heads. all over the place....Ewww.
Evidence of hunters or something